Thursday, April 26, 2007

Friday 5: What Are You...

ReverendMother actually was early with (for me, tomorrow's) Friday 5, so for the first and probably the last time as long as I'm still living way out Left, I'm playing early. EARLY!

PS The time of ReverendMother''s blog reads Friday morning @ 9:52.

Friday Five: What Are You...

1. Wearing

Long sleeve cotton sweater with wide yellow and 3 blues stripes; Cherokee stonewashed blue painter jeans; black flipflops.

2. Pondering

Life's meaning and purpose, direction and detours, and especially discerning the meaning the purpose and the direction of my ministry in the very near and medium-term future.

3. Reading

Trying to read through the Dead Sea Scrolls to prepare to see the exhibit--in seminary I took a semester-long course on the DSS but still don't know the content. I'm also digging into some books on typography and graphic design.

4. Dreaming

First I'll mention the atypical for me several weeks-long series of dreams of being with people I don't spend much time with and never being able to reach wherever I'm going; for daydreams, a world on Fire with the Holy Spirit!

5. Eating

Nothing at this very moment—I had dinner at Souplantation/Sweet Tomatoes for a sort of local Young Life or maybe it was a generic youth group benefit this evening. I especially enjoyed the clam chowder and baked potato--on the potato I did the whole enitre Mexican salsa-condiment thing.