Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Noel 2007 blog

[boxing day]

Oh, I am so too very tired that almost the first time ever I went back to bed and back to sleep this morning. Christmas Eve? Don't ask. Christmas Day? Excellent dinner (turkey, dressing/stuffing, gravy, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, cran, gb casserole, rolls and butter, Noel 2007creamed onions, olives, mixed veggies, mince pie (baked by Richard) with brandy, California chardonnayl some kind of vin de France, red wine of some type, good company (Patti, Floyd, Miriam, Richard, Carla, me, Ava April, Copper Queen, Dakoda, Easter Angel, Nikki, Spirit of 2004, Tigar). No PM, Cruiser or AM... I don't know how I'll return to Paradise another time. I thought Carla would be driving back and I didn't make a reservation on the Socialist (or on any other) Airline. This afternoon we met Jim and Cheryl at the Humane Society so they could meet, greet and drive home with Kino, their new pup they just happened to meet serendipitously.