Saturday, July 30, 2005


Photoshop assignment 3
From an old ad about one of my favorite activities...
oh, yeah,...I'm definitely a grown-up person in the visual arts!

In the beginning...a small bell chimed

Creativity! It chimes like a small clear bell at the heart of the human spirit.

Remember the first time you spoke to the world from a piece of shirt cardboard?

Chances are we made some of that board for you...

Now that the quality of your message has changed, however,
you really should know more about some of our professional products.

...for all kinds of grown-up people in the visual arts.

Columbia 1776 Illustration Board
Way back in the days of routine mechanical layout and paste-up, for a lot of projects I used Letraset's (and other manufacturer's) dry transfer letters, while persistently referencing Pantone and Crayola © colors.

For several years I've gradually been updating my graphic art skills so that in this era of computerized graphics maybe some day I'll be as proficient at art on the puter as I am at freehand and mechanical art—at least as expert as I've become with word processing and spreadsheets.

The very first graphic design app I worked with was Pagemaker; among other things, since then I've learned some Dreamweaver, and Adobe's Creative Suite remains my most important project. In my quest for expertise, a couple years ago I took a semester-long course in Photoshop; this summer I'm enrolled in a fast-paced Illustrator class and I'll have a couple of sessions looking at InDesign, which I need to pursue more next fall. And finally, I've learned a very limited amount of Flash.


Anonymous said...

You'll find InDesign a much more user friendly program than "RageMaker"!

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