Tuesday, October 19, 2004

citydelights one

another day, another blog

...later I'll be back to edit, etc. but this blog may remain private from friends but public for blogger, as in public blog.

Since I'm somewhat of a listmaker, I'll mention my theology blog, Desert Spirit's Fire Alive is my main site as well as part of my résumé/CV; the blog styled "Poetry and Other Passions," suntreeriver [persistent biblical images] is for my poetry, some of my not-formally-theological writing and favorite poems written by other people. In addition, this far by faith contains my testimony along with related events; more recently I began sun country living as a journaling-type and commonplace book site, but it quickly evolved into a commonplace book and a place for other stuff, like some writing I've posted only there as well as elsewhere and, of course, my list of Beethoven Sonatas.

On a final note for now, finally I have a site with *city* in the title! Although I was divided between citydelights—one of my favorites from long ago—and citysafari, ultimately both won, since I made citydelights the site title and citysafari the blog address!

So this blog actually will be a place for journaling and a space for reflection.

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