Friday, October 22, 2004

Way To Go!!!!!

from JC Penney's print catalog A(rizona)J(ean)C(ompany) and a few St. Johns Bay ads, fall-winter 2000.

Hang out on your own urban range!

Let your own rhythms set the beat...

For your special utility closet.

Just be yourself.

When you're all just hangin' out

'cause girls just wanna have fun!

FLAT-OUT COMFORT: for the dog days of summer

...unique and fun...

Surround yourself with happiness!

totally cool; totally comfortable

...relax and leave the world behind...

What feels good?!

unassuming ease

easy does it--comfort counts

cool gear, style: urban--stand out from the crowd

colorful comfort

put your life into it!!!!!

casual cool

change is good.

weekend attitudes...

...totally yourself

It's high time you joined in the dance!

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